Endodontic Instruments/new launching

Endodontic Instruments/new launching

Endodontic instruments

MG3  the unique endodontic instruments, as a professional manufacturer of root canal, we are adhering to the principle of innovation and people-oriented. Under the development trend of Rotary root canal files, we will launch a unique and highly priced set every year. The machine uses a root canal.
The MG3 system is easy to understand, simple and durable. It has been well received in domestic clinical trials.
The development trend of root canal use is very good. Therefore, Shenzhen Perfect Medical Instruments Co., Ltd., which is self-produced and sold, is committed to developing Ratory Root Canal Files that are in line with dentist’s habits but are constantly innovating. MG3 is far ahead of the market in terms of packaging, process and operating system.

We are delicade to becoming the outstanding manufacturer in endodontic instruments. we are warmly welcome worldwide professor to join us!


Shenzhen Perfect Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. warmly invites you to join our team, we will be much more responsible to all of our production, especially on endodontic instruments, rotary files,etc., to demenstrate our rotary files as a international level.  

Such as MG3, we try to make the price and the quality are both competitive to protaper. However, the process is difficult and taking time, but we never give up on product research and development. we never stop to enlarge our production scope. The much effor we made, the best feedback we gained from our global customer.  Endodontic instrument and electronic devices are two big line in our production. At the same time, we just finish the marketing test and clinic test in ZR screen touch motor.

Based on product diversification and strengthen product testing. Fully automatic production mode is coming ture, We will do everything in our power to offer the best endodontic instruments in return for your support.endodontic instruments

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