Rotary Files/new launching

Rotary Files/new launching

Rotary Files 

In order to fully reflect the diversity of our production  of rotary files, the heat-activated machine is fully utilized for its unique charm.

Firstly, we may try to underline the advantage of M wire.

M-Wire High-quality nickel-titanium alloy material;

Highly adaptive root canal shape to maintain the original morphology of the root canal;

Leading apical to reduce the risk of occuring steps pierce;

Unique pre-bend function;

Balanced design in the blade to reduce the inhalation during work;

Highly fatigue resistance, reducing the risk of fracture;

Secondly, Perfect Endo. is professionally developing our unique operating system, such as T-pro(newest);  S-Blue/S Black are with the most competitive price during our presented production. it is comparable in price and operating system among so many rotary files in the current market. For example, protaper is ranking 6 pcs, but optimizing sequence in S- Blue, it ia largely increase the working effiency. 






Among thousands of rotary files, we have t be underline that there is no the only one or the best one, just the suitable one.

S- Blue rotary files is your competitive option. the details will be subject to our production profile in S-Blue. Root canal files with S-Blue. 

Shenzhen Perfect Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. warmly invites you to join our team, we will be much more responsible to all of our production, especially on endodontic instruments, rotary files,etc., to demenstrate our rotary files as a international level.  

We are trongly recommend our T-pro, 

New generation of combination on heat activation and Super Flexibility. 200% improved in Anti-fracture. but with the same cutting ability.Also, it is perfectly combine the prebentable sizes for supplement in complicated roota canals.

S Black  is the innovative production of black wires. it is comparable to Micro-Mega 2 shape. with the advantage of amazing cutting force. and the outter shape and color are too charming, we call it: black horse!

Rotary files

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