Endo Motor/new launching

Endo Motor/new launching

Endo Motor

In order to diversify the product portfolio and form a relatively complete product supply chain, after two years of research and development and testing, MR wireless touch-screen endo motor was born. 

According to clinical test result, this product is more portable as a hand-held motor, greatly improving work efficiency with cost-effective prices.This is an unparalleled advantage.
The touch-screen motors are all imported motors and batteries. In addition, the mode can be flexibly adjusted and the data is accurate. It lays the technical foundation for the second generation of wired hand-held apex locator and the third generation wireless apex locator.

Users can set different working modes for rotary system and reciprocating system files respectively .


Endo Motor

With the development of endo motor technology, more and more options arise.

To meet the growing demand, Shenzhen Perfect Medical Instruments Co. Ltd is promoting the MR Auto Motor with Apex locator. 

Actually MR AUTO MOTOR is a compact device combining endodontic motor with microprocessor control for working with rotary Ni-Ti instruments.It incoporates functions of Root Expansion and Root Measurement into one unit . Root expansion is used as root canal shaping and cleaning equipment during root canal treatment, while root measurement as an auxiliary device for root canal treatment to measure apical length.

Differing from the traditional handpiece, MR Auto Motor is a handheld micro type. 

Below we introduce the components inside it :

MR AUTO MOTOR components :

1.Main unit ;

2. Handheld micro-motor;

3. Motor handpiece;

4. Adapter;

5. Measuring wire, File clip, Contrary Electrode 

6. Silicone base 


Endo motor safety is quite important which is the very advantage of MR Auto Motor.

Automatic shutdown function:

Press the power button to turn on the device.Press and hold the button for about 2 seconds to turn off the device.  

It will automatically shut down after 8 minutes without any operation.

Endo Motor





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