ProTaper Rotary Files

ProTaper Rotary Files

ProTaper Rotary Files

Protaper compatible is with our TG6, TH6, MTF hand use and engine use. Among all the rotary files, we try to offer as much as options as we are manufacturing.

Here coming the introduction of basis indication of our Protaper type rotary files.

1.Multiple use disinfection and re-sterilization cycles may lead to increasing risk of file separation.

2.These instruments should not be immersed in a sodium hypochlorite solution.

3. Keep all the instruments are free of contamination.

4. Irrigate abundantly and frequently.

5.Establish a reproducible glide path using hand files, at least an ISO 015 size.

6.Use in a constant rotation at a speed of 250-350 rpm with light apical pressure.

7.Clean flutes frequently and check for signs of distortion or wear.

8.For optimal usage, torque control devices are recommended.

9.Use the Shaping Files (Purple, White and Starter) with a brushing action on the files.




withdrawal stroke in order to create straight line radicular access.

10.Use the Finishing Files (Yellow, Red, Blue ) with no brushing action.

11.Use the appropriate finishing files to passively follow the canal to the working length, and then withdraw immediately

With the MDR CE certificate revised, nowadays more and more countries are requesting the sterilization in Blister. 

so many traditional factorys are facing the big challenge in the revolution. we would like to introduce some knowledge.


Method of sterilization of Protaper rotary files

Put this product in a sterilization pack(or foil) and place it on a sterilization tray for autoclave sterilization with reference to the following terms .

Terms for sterilization:

1.Sterilize with steam at 134°C(273°F) / 2,1 bars / 18 min.for endodontic instrument sand filling.

2. Do not use high pressure steam sterilizer which heats more than 200 degrees Celsius including drying process.

3. When reusing the instrument, wash away foreign substances completely and sterilize.

4. Regarding use of medical cleaning agent, follow the instruction manual by its  manufacturer strictly.Protaper rotary files

5. Dispose taper files if damaged or decreased in performance.

All of our Protaper rotary files or root canal files will be constant to the MDR new regulation shortly. 


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