K Files

K Files

K files

K files as the normally use files in root canal treatment, K files is the common use hand files in endontic filed. it is the basis files but play an important role.

Niti and stainless steel K files are the two common root canal files during manual endodontic.

we would like to introduce again for the founction of this necessary root canal files.

①.Provides smooth tactile sence inside the root canal. A  pre-applied suitable rubber stopper for each shape and length is fitted initially.

②.Shape edhe for fast and effective treatment with a superior cutting ability.

③.Wrapping treatment gives the surface a mirror finish.For fast cleaning during usage.

④.High safety:Thread hole to prevent dropping. ISO colored grip easily indicates the taper of the file.

⑤.Ergonomic design of grip for comfortable handling.

⑥.Corrosion resistance and high durability.

⑦.Specially treated  Hardfiber Stainless steel.


K files

How to recognize the good qualified K files or the unqualified K files?

Here we mention two points, firstly, please check the flutes brightness, and second it is the spirals distances, the internatioal standard is the ISO 13485.

Then operate it with 60 degree by hand, it is destroying test by personal power. Thirdly, try to check the color ring of K files, please refer to ISO 13485 standard too.

lastly, it is the package. infomration of sizes and details inside the labels.

Our K files with sizes from #6, $8....#80, details please be reference to our production description.

length is 21MM, 25MM, 31MM. if any other special request in production, welcome to negotiate with us in detail. for example, we are producing the order in #90 #100. for animal root canal treatment.

Shenzhen perfect Medical instruments Co. Ltd has been producing root canal  files, K files for more than 10 years.  professional but not single. we are focus on researching more new generations endodontics  files in the coming days.K files






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