Dental Perfect Rotary File Systems Heat Treated Files T Flex Assorted

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: Perfect
Certification: ISO,CE,FDA,FSC
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 packs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 6pcs/box or blister
Delivery Time: 15 days since receiving payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Supply Ability: 14000 pcs per day
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Rotary Files Dental Instruments Heat-treated T-Flex Assorted

Length L17 L15 L20 L25 L25
Size Opener Nevigate T-20 T-25/.04 T-25/.06
Torque 2.5 N·cm 1.5 N·cm 2.0 N·cm 2.5 N·cm 2.5 N·cm
Rotary Speed 350-400 (rpm) 300-350 (rpm) 350-400 (rpm) 350-400 (rpm) 350-400 (rpm)
Sterilization ≤134℃
Cross Section











2. Use of Protocol

1) Create the glide path. Establish Working Length ;Scout the coronal 2/3 with #10 or #15 with hand files. Gently work these instruments until glide path is confirmed.(Using Nevigate optionally)

2) Widen the orifice of root canal by Opener.Remove dentine,brush canal wall by circumferential operating motion.

3) Glide path with Nevigate if necessary.

4) Remove and shape the canals with T20 and T25/.04 to the Working Length.

5) Required T25/.06 for larger canals.

3. Terms for sterilization:

1. Steam Sterilize at 134°C(273°F) / 2,1 bars / 18 min.for root canal instruments and filling.

2. Do not employ high pressure steam sterilization apparatus which provides heat above 200 including drying process.

3. If the instrument needs to be reused, clean foreign substances thoroughly and then conduct sterilization.

4. Speaking of medical detergent, completely follow the instruction guide by its manufacturer .

5. Throw away properly the product when damaged or it has deterioration in performance.

4. Packagings

1. Single packing : 6 pcs /pack (Opener~T25/.06)

2. Assorted packing : 1 pcs from each size/pack (Opener-T25/.06)

5. Storages and duration of use

1. Do not store instruments under high temperature, humidity and avoid direct sunlight.Keep it at room temperature and keep off liquids.

2. Be careful not to damage or create a pierce to packaging materials.

3. This product is subject to be adjusted without prior notice. Conduct first-in first-out method for stock management.

4. Do not expose the instrument to a germicidal lamp which can lead to instrument deterioration.

T-Flex T-Flex Package FrontsideT-Flex Backside


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