Endodontic Instruments Nickel Titanium Alloy Files T-One Opener with Great Cutting Efficiency Fatigue Resistance

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: D-Perfect
Certification: ISO,CE,FDA,FSC
Model Number: T-One Opener
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 4 pcs/box or blister
Delivery Time: 15 working days after payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability: 14000 pcs per day
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 Heat-treated Nickel Titanium Files With Gold Technology T-One Opener 


1. Product description:

  Section                                Parameter
  Length L19
  Size #20/.10
  Torque 2.5 N·cm
  Rotary Speed 350-400 rpm
  Cross Section   Convex triangular


2.  Instructions for use (T-One Files System)

a.Establish a glide path,use  #10/#15 K files to scout the canal;

b. Enlarge,by the Opener file (#20/.10), the orifice of the canal ;

c.Use  #10 /#15 K files to shape the canal walls till the working length(WL).Remove the debris and shape the canal walls till WL again by the single file T-one (#20/.04).

d.Create a glide path  with Nevigate(#15/.04) for curved canals when necessary (in complicated cases);

e.For several curved canals,the single file T-one(#25/.06) is necessary in complicated cases.


Please be noted that it's always necessary to irrigate the canal and smooth the canal using #10/#15 K files to WL.


Tips : 1. Abide by the officially designated rotary speed and torque; 2. Use T-one files till the working length and brush the root canal walls 2-3 times in an up and down gesture.


3. Professional design (T-One Files System)


11 mm in lenghth for better access;24K nano gold plating technology;highly anti-oxidant design.


Progressive pitches Design:

This design greatly enhances debris removal efficiency and avoids undesired instrument breakage.


Slicon stopper:

Original rubber shaping;high temperature disinfection and deformation prevention.


Non-cutting tip:

Drammactically reduce root canal ledges and fracture.


Wild grooves:

Ehance file cutting ability and improve efficiency of root canal preparation.


4. Characteristics (T-One Files System):

#20/.10:Orthogonal cutting ,highly flexible. 

Function:pre-flare the orifice/upper root canal and form a tapered horn shape;avoid root canal curvature,better for debris removal and irrigation.

#15/.03:Orthogonal cutting,highly flexible.

Function:strong central positioning,improve ability in dredging  canals;reduce resistance in canal preparation,decrease the risk of file twist and deformation;

Function:irregular edge design provides larger space for debris,lower chance of sticking in canal wall with flexible rotating,quick cutting,higher canal preparing efficiency.

#25/.06:Orthogonal cutting with pre-bendability:

Function:advanced pre-bending technique;smooth root canal;reduce resistance of curvature and possibility of file distortion;better for completion of filling.


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