Endodontic Rotary Systems Dental Hand Files S Black Heat Treatment

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Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
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Model Number: Assorted/Single
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 packs
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Rotary files Dental Instruments S Black w/ heat treatment

1. Product description

Dental Instruments Rotary files heat treatment S Blue B3

2. Use Protocol

Endodontic files Rotary files types

※ Explore the canal using small-sized hand files, determine working length, verify patency and confirm a smooth, reproducible glide path. Prepare straight line access to canal orifice

※ Open the upper section of the root canal with a B0 , establish a vertical channel,Prepare straight line access to canal orifice;

※ Continue in one or more passes until working length is reached. Prepare straight line access to canal orifice, which means coronal flaring ;

※ Using S-Black work files successively into the root canal, to working length.

1. Use 10 # or 15 # stainless steel hand use files to search and check root canals;
2. Use starter file to open the crown and upper-middle of root canal tray setup;
3. Use 10 # or 15 # stainless steel hand use K files to search and check root canals until the WL;
4. Use B1,B2 to search until the working lenghth;
5. Use B3 to repeat cutting until the working lenghth for curved root canal instruments is achieved;
6. Using sodium hypochlorite solution for complete rinsing when every file preparation is finished .


Easy Handle(11mm): Uniform speed and torque, Do not need to adjust those parameters repeatedly.

Highly fracture resitstance:Heat-activated material, pre-bendable with fracture resistance performance 3-5 times better than traditional nickel-titanium materials.

Cutting Equilibrium:Design of balanced cutting blade with circular triangle cross-section for reducing the inhalation of instruments during work


High-quality nickel-titanium alloy material;

Highly adaptive root canal shape to maintain the original morphology of the root canal;

Leading apical to reduce the risk of ledge and perforation;

Unique pre-bendability function;

Balanced design in the blade to reduce the inhalation during work;

Highly fatigue resistance, reducing the risk of fracture;


It's more than a shade better.It's the color of optimum performance-with greater resistance to cyclic fatigue,increased torque strength and reduced shape memory while conforming to natural curvatures.


Safe-- Non cutting tip

Efficient-- Hight cutting efficiency

Easy---Three size file system

3. Terms for sterilization:

1.Sterilize with steam at 134°C(273°F) / 2,1 bars / 18 min for endodontic instruments and filling.

2. Do not use high pressure steam sterilizer which heats more than 200 degrees Celsius including drying process.

3. When reusing the instrument, wash away foreign substances completely and sterilize it.

4. Regarding use of medical cleaning agent, follow the instruction manual by its manufacturer strictly.

5. Dispose of the product if damaged or decreased in performance.

4. Packing

1. Single packing unit: 6 pcs /pack (#B0/#B1/#2/#B3)

2. Assortment: packing 1 pc from each size/pack (#B0~#B3)

5. Storages and duration of use

1. Avoid storing at the environment of high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight.Keep liquids away. Store it at room temperature.

2. Do not damage or make a pinhole to packaging materials.

3. This product is subject to be improved without previous notice. Enforce first-in first-out method for stock management.

4. Do not store the instrument under a germicidal lamp to avoid deterioration.

Endodontic files color coding Rotary files

Rotary files Dental Instruments heat treatment S Black

Rotary files Dental Instruments  heat treatment S Black AssortedRotary files Dental Instruments  heat treatment S Black AssortedRotary files Dental Instruments  heat treatment S Black Assorted


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