Retreatment Flexible Protaper Gold Hand Files Nickel Titanium D3 Single Size

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Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: Perfect
Certification: ISO,CE,FDA,FSC
Model Number: D3
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 packs
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Packaging Details: 6pcs/box or blister
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Retreament flexible gold Files Nickel Titanium D3 Single Size For Removing Filling Materials

product description:

RT gold Files = DS ProTaper Universal Retreatment gold Files

protaper gold files speed and torque

Length D1 (16mm) D2 (18mm) D3 (22mm)
Size D1/ D2/ D3/ D1-D3
Torque 2.0~3.0N/cm
Rotate speed 250-360rpm


1. Retreament flexible gold Files have High fracture stability and high flexibility .

2. Deep spaces between cutting edges for fast trans-portation of debris.

3. Pre-shapeable for curved canals.

4. Sharp edge for fast and effective treatment.

5. ISO colored grip easily indicates the taper of the file.

6. Wrapping treatment gives the surface a mirror finish.For fast cleaning during usage.

7. Highly accurate taper:Prescision above ISO standard.

8. Secures a smooth workflow.

9. Corrosion resistance and high durability.

How to use edge endo files :

When the rotary removal method is utilized, select the lowest speed (250-300 rpm) that will effectively engage and remove obturation material from the canal.

1) Flood the pulp chamber with the appropriate solvent and probe the canal orifice with an explorer to check if the paste has been effectively softened.

2) Without engaging dentin, gently press the spinning D1 File into the material and use a short pecking motion to extract material out of the canal. Never engage D1 around a canal curvature.

3) Remove the D1 File frequently, inspect the blades for obturation material and clean the debris from the flutes.

4) Continue with the D1 File, until paste is removed from the coronal one-third of the canal. 5)Select the D2 File and repeat the same pecking action to extract obturation material from the middle one-third of the canal. Use a brushing outstroke motion to remove material from the canal walls.

5) Select the D2 File and repeat the same pecking action to extract obturation material from the middle one-third of the canal. Use a brushing outstroke motion to remove material from the canal walls.

6) When appropriate, choose the D3 unbreakable rotary File and, in the same way auger the more deeply positioned paste material out of the apical one-third of the canal.

7) Continue with the D3 File as long as the flutes of the instrument, upon removal, are loaded with obturation material.

8) When the obturation material is short of the canal terminus, use small sized hand files in the presence of a viscous chelator to negotiate and secure the rest of the canal.

9) After assessing the glide path, select either manual or rotary NiTi MTF Files to shape and finish the canal.

Features and Benefits:

Retreament flexible gold Files are designed to be used in sequence to remove filling materials, such as gutta-percha, carrier-based obturators and paste fillers. The three, easily identified files are designed for the different needs of unfilling the coronal third, the mid-third and the apical third - before canal reshaping. A working tip on the D1 file facilitates initial penetration. .The edge taper files Each handle is no more than 11 mm for better visibility,protaper gold rotary files sequence

D3: for the removal of material from the apcial 1/3.


Retreament flexible gold Files Assorted Size ISO stander color Dental instrument protaper retreatment files price favorable

Size Taper Color
D3 .07 White

Retreament flexible gold Files  Nickel Titanium D3

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