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Dental Perfect, also named Perfect Endo., is a dental instrument company providing outstanding dental clinic tools. Dental Perfect targets to be the most positive influential dental healthcare brand. To create an outstanding global dental brand, promoting innovations through state-of-the-art manufacturing.
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45,000per day
In 2017, Dental Perfect innovated the production line and achieved a fully automatic production line.
At present, Dental Perfect produces about 45,000 taper files daily.

All of the products are certificated by ISO, CE, FDA.

With the required certificate and experience after-sales service, there was no clearance issue in the shipments we have arranged.

Dental Perfect, also named Perfect Endo., was established in 2009, which is committing to product innovations. Dental Perfect has been producing dental clinic tools for over 15 years. With professional R&D teams, Dental Perfect can always catch up with the latest trend of the global market.
Nowadays, Dental Perfect has 25,000 square meters of workshop, which is the well-known endo files manufacturer in China.
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Now, Dental Perfect owns a 25,000 square meters workshop, which is the most “brave horse” in the endo files manufacturer in China.
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After years of running-in, our sales team has developed high work efficiency.
The experienced sales staff can respond to your needs quickly and help you handle various situations.