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Premier Healthcare holds CDE class about D-Perfect® TG-6 files

March 12, 2020

On Feb.25th & 26th ,Premier Healthcare ,the Pakistani dealer of Shenzhen Perfect Medical held CDE sessions in Islamabad.Premier Healthcare is the fastest growing dental supply organization in Pakistan and they place extra emphasis on importing and distributing only the finest quality dental products in Pakistan.



The sessions took place in Islamabad Dental Hospital lectured by local speaker using D-Perfect®  TG-6  series root canal files. 15 students and other personnels participated the CDE classes.




Thank Premier Healthcare for trusting D-Perfect®  quality. We will continue to deliver amazing instruments to each of our clients.







*About TG-6 :


TG-6 series root canal files include V0,V1,V2,T1,T2,T3.


V0 functions as Gates drills which deals with the root canal orifice.

V1 prepares 1/3 of the middle root canal. While V2 prepares 1/3 of the middle-bottom root canal .T1,T2,&T3 prepare and finish the root region.



1.even,smooth and continuous rotation speed;

2.great flexibility of the file needle which reduces damage to the canal wall and file itself;

3.Each file needle is loaded with a certain amount of torque.when maximum torque is reached, it will reversely or stop automatically to reduce metal fatigue and fracture.

4.long-lasting shaping strength,clean the canal wall more thoroughly and safer with rotation.