K Files

Stainless Steel K Files for hand use

  • Stainless Steel K Files for hand use
  • Stainless Steel K Files for hand use
  • Stainless Steel K Files for hand use
  • Stainless Steel K Files for hand use
  • Stainless Steel K Files for hand use
  • Stainless Steel K Files for hand use
  • Stainless Steel K Files for hand use
  • Stainless Steel K Files for hand use
  • Stainless Steel K Files for hand use
  • Stainless Steel K Files for hand use
Product Details
Brand Perfect
Serial Number K Files (in assorted or single size)
Country of Origin Shenzhen, China
Certificate ISO,CE,FDA,FSC
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Payment & Shipping Terms
Price Quote Negotiable
Minimum Order 500 packs ()
Average Delivery Time 15 days after receipt of payment
Payment Method T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Package Details 6pcs/box or blister
Ability to Supply 14000 pcs per day

Hand/Engine Use Stainless Steel K Files in Assorted or Single size

Product description:











K file size






Stainless Steel K files cross section

by size               Stainless Steel K Files assorted size 


① Provides smooth tactile sense inside the root canal. A  pre-applied suitable rubber stopper for each shape and length is fitted initially.

② Shape blade for fast and effective treatment with a superior cutting ability.

③ Wrapping treatment gives the surface a mirror finish for fast cleaning during usage.

④ High safety:Thread hole on the grip prevents dropping. ISO colored grip easily indicates the taper of the file.

⑤ Ergonomic design of grip for comfortable handling.

⑥ Corrosion resistance and high durability.

⑦ Specially treated 18-8 MANI Hardfiber stainless steel.


1. Materials: Imported raw materials--dental high quality raw materials.
2. Silicone stoppers: Dental high quality raw materials, length determination purpose.

Root canal treatment:

3. Handle : Each stainless steel K-file with clear sign for a ISO size accordingly

4. Provides the precision and quality to enhance your expertise with stainless steel files

5. A heritage of timeless precision and quality in steel

6. ISO sizes #06-25 K files is featured square cross-section for better fracture resistance

7. ISO sizes #30-140 is with triangular cross-section for better cutting efficiency

8. Instrument type and ISO size are clearly marked on the handle

9. Special steel alloy with uniform structure for maximum resistance to fracture and maximum flexibility

10. Radiopaque depth marks

11. The inactive tip conducts the instrument safely along the canal

12. With pre-mounted silicone stoppers

13. Also available in OEM packaging


1. Only skilled dentists are allowed to use.

2. Be sure to sterilize this product for each use.

3. Do not use this product except for the dental service and treatment. Use it in accordance with the intended use.

Operation Sequence:

Work in quarters of rotations and then withdraw the instrument

For all preparation techniques with a filing motion

Maintenance and inspection:

1. Sterilize this product by autoclaving by the established method and term for each use.

Method of sterilization:

Put this product in a sterilization pack or (or foil) and place it on a sterilization tray, or files stand for autoclave sterilization with reference to the following terms.

Terms for sterilization:

term(1) temperature: 121degrees Celsius time: 20 minutes or more

term(2) temperature: 126degrees Celsius time: 15 minutes or more

2. Do not use high pressure steam sterilizer which heats more than 200 degrees Celsius including drying process.

3. When reusing the instrument, wash away foreign substances completely and sterilize it.

4. Regarding the use of medical cleaning agent, follow the instruction manual by its manufacturer strictly.

5. Dispose the product if damaged or decreased in performance


1. Minimum packing unit: 6 pcs /pack (#6,#8,#10,#15,#20,#25,#30,#35,#40,#45,#50,#55,#60,#70,#80,


2. Assortment: 1 pc from each size/pk (#15-40, #45-80, #90-140)

Stainless Steel K Files Specifications:

Brand  D-Perfect
Model Size  #6 , #8 , #10 , #15 , #20 , #25 , #30 , #35 , #40 , #45 , #50 , #60 , #70 , #80
K-files taper  .02
Lenth  L21/25/28/31mm
Usage   Recommended use for maximally 5 canals 
Advantage  Strong cutting ability for shaping canals 

Stainless Steel K Files assorted size 

Stainless Steel K Files assorted size 

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