T20 Reciprocating Endodontic Files Dental Rotary Instruments L21

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Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
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Certification: ISO,CE,FDA,FSC
Model Number: TF-4 T20
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WaveOne Gold Compatible TF4 Engine Dentsply Rotary Files T20

product description:

wave one gold torque and speed

Length L21 L25 L31
Size 20/07, 25/07, 35/06, 45/05/ #20-45
Torque 2.0~3.0N/cm
Rotary speed 350rpm
Cross section WaveOne Gold Compatible TF4 Engine Dentsply Rotary Files T20

Operation Sequence:

Need to take X-ray film for apical root canal before preparation, which could display the thickness , length , quantity and curved situation of root canals . the usage of K file help to select the appropriate size of TF-3 as follows:

Using the 1 0 # K file to the apical of root canal if u could feel slight friction sense , please choose 20 # when preparation .

Using the 10 # K file could easily to the apical of root canal without any sense of friction , please choose 25 # when preparation .

Using 2 0 # K file to the apical of root canal if any slight friction sense , please choose 40 # when preparation .


Size 20 for thin root canals, diameter of tip is ISO 20# ,continuous taper 7%

Counterclockwise is 170°, Clockwise is 50°,

The cutting section of tip part is improved, the middle handle is convex triangle, with three cutting grooves ,and larger area with root canal

WaveOne Gold Compatible Competitive Advantage:

Reciprocating system for root canal , unique double-edge design ,strongly increase operating safety and life time . Reverse cutting design improves the flexibility and safety of the device.

Use Protocol:

1) Establish straight-line coronal and radicular access.

2) In the presence of a viscous chelator, use a size 010 hand file to verify a glide path to length. In more restrictive canals, use a size 010 hand file in any region of a canal to create a glide path.

3) Expand this glide path to at least 0.15 mm using either a wave one endo motor manual or dedicated mechanical file, such as ET Files or the dedicated TF4 File.

4) ALWAYS initiate the shaping procedure with the PRIMARY file (025/07 red) in the presence of sodium hypochlorite.

5) Use gentle inward pressure and let the PRIMARY file passively progress through any region of the canal that has a confirmed glide path. After shaping 2-3 mm of any given canal, remove and clean the PRIMARY file, then irrigate, recapitulate with a size 010 hand file and re-irrigate.

6) Continue with the PRIMARY file, in 2-3 passes, to pre-enlarge the coronal two thirds of the canal.

7) Utilize a brushing motion on the outstroke to eliminate coronal interferences or to enhance shaping results in canals that exhibit irregular cross-sections.

8) In more restrictive canals, use a size 010 hand file, in the presence of viscous chelator, negotiate to the terminus of the canal. Gently work this file until it is completely loose at length.

9) Establish working length, confirm patency and verify the glide path.

10) Expand this glide path to at least 0.15 mm using a manual or mechanical glide path file.

11) Carry the PRIMARY file to the full working length in one or more passes. Upon reaching length, remove the file to avoid over-enlarging the foramen. Inspect the apical flutes; if they are loaded with dentinal debris, then the shape is finished.

12) If the PRIMARY doesn’t progress then use the SMALL file (020/07 yellow) in one or more passes to working length and then use the PRIMARY file to working length to optimize the shape.

WaveOne Gold Compatible


Size Taper Torque Rotary Speed Range ISO Color Using Times Cross Section
20 0.07 3.55 N/CM 250-350 RMP Yellow 8-10 times Triangle



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