Short Shank Dental Burs Dental Diamond Burs Catalogue 150 Sizes CE ISO FDA

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Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: Perfect
Certification: ISO,CE,FDA,FSC
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Packaging Details: 6pcs/box or blister
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Diamond Burs For Drilling Teeth Treatment Diamond Burs Catalogue 150 Sizes


Detailed Product Description

Product Name: Diamond Burs Size: Extra Fine, Fine, Standard, Coarse
Standard: CE / ISO / FDA / FSC Color: Yellow Red Blue Green
Material: Diamond + Stainless Steel Packing: 150 Pcs Per Book



Product Name Diamond Burs
Brand Name D-PERFECT
Material Working Part Diamond
Shank Stainless Steel
Color Yellow Red Blue Green
Size Extra Fine , Fine , Standard , Coarse
Application Treatment of Drilling Teeth in the Oral Cavity


Diamond Burs Used In Dentistry


1. Wide variety of diamond burs with a code indicating the shape of the bur.

2. Diamond Bur is used by connecting to dental handpiece and rotates to grind hard materials and tissues etc..

3. It is the dental diamond burs with stainless steel shank and non-sterile instrument .

4. Metal base :Stainless steel Working part: Fine diamond crystals Shank : Stainless steel

6. Use a dental handpiece which can hold the shank precisely. (Diameter of Friction grip shank: φ1.6mm ) ( Diameter of Contra Angle shank :φ2.35mm)

7. Use a handpiece which could control at allowable engine speed.

8. Use a handpiece with water spray system.


Specifications and models:

Flat head conical, apex type flame , taper head , pointed cone , cone round nose cone type , flat type , column type , round ball , ball spire tight mouth , single inverted cone , rugby, pear type, round type.

Classification coding system reflects shapes of burs.
TF / Taper Flat End  TR / Taper Round End  TC / Taper Conical End 
FO / Flame Ogival End  SF / Straight Flat End  SO / Straight Ogival End  
SR / Straight Round End  RS / Rounded Shoulder  EX / Special (Extra) Shape 
BR / Ball Round Type  BC / Ball Collar Type  DI / Double Inverted Cone  
SI / Single Inverted Cone  WR / Wheel Round Edge  CR / CR Inlay Preparation Dia-Burs 
CD / Children's Dentistry Dia-Burs   S / Short Shank  SS / Super Short Shank 
C / Coarse  F / Fine  EF / Extra Fine


Main performance and technical indicators:

1. Shank hardness not less than 250hv0.5 .

2. The surface roughness R of the shank of the car should be no greater than 0.4mu m .

3. Corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance test shall not produce corrosion and deformation of the function, but it is allowed to have a slight electrical corrosion in the head and neck .

4. The radial circle of the needle should be no greater than 0.08 mm .


Diamond Burs For Crown Preparation

Use of instructions and precautions:

1. Sterilization should be sterilized with high temperature steam before using the needle .

2. Be careful to place the pin on the head of the mobile phone according to the operation instructions of the mobile phone .

3. When the operation is used , when the needle is rotated , it will be pressed to the part where it is to be drilled or polished .The pressure of the needle is 50 ~ 100g is appropriate , the pressure should not be too large , and requires the force to be uniform .


Storage and duration:

After packing, the needle should be stored in a room with relative humidity less than 80% , no corrosive gas and good ventilation . Under the condition that the needle is packed and abide by the storage rules, it shall be guaranteed not to rust in a year and a half.




Red Size Fine Dental Diamond Burs , Wide Variety Shape Diamond Grinding Burrs

The work head shall be specified in the parts according to the following figures .

D1: the diameter of the working part , the maximum diameter of the head or part of the working part .

D2: diameter of the neck , indicating the diameter of the shank of the emery .

L1 : working length , refers to the coating emery working length of the part .

L2 : refers to the entire bur the length of the needle.



Dental Root Canal Treatment Hospital , Clinic , lab...


Competitive Advantage:

1. Diamong bur has a stainless steel working part which is coated with fine diamond crystal .

2. It is defined as the rotary grinding instruments for hard tissues such as tooth and bones .

3. It is used connecting with dental handpiece .

4. It can also be used for grinding metal, plastic , porcelain and other hard materials.


Diamond Burs Color Coding

Diamond Burs For Drilling Teeth Treatment Diamond Burs Catalogue 150 Sizes

Red Size Fine Dental Diamond Burs , Wide Variety Shape Diamond Grinding Burrs

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